Excursions from Opatija: Sea magic of the Adriatic and more!

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excursions from Opatija

Looking for excursions from Opatija? For all those who are planning to feel beautiful Adriatic, we suggest that you mark the starting point of your trip in the unique Opatija. Excursions from Opatija are one of the most beautiful excursions you will experience in your whole life. Starting from the pure Mediterranean air that will clear your lungs to the impressive views that will accompany you throughout every tour. Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and you will surely feel the rich culture of this city. Maybe even hear the footsteps of the past…

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All charms of the largest Croatian island of Cres

Once we list all the great offer of excursions from Opatija, it will probably be difficult for you to decide where to start. So we decided to make you a little guide.

The first tour is from Opatija to the island of Cres, or the abandoned beach Skaleta. You will be able to swim on the beach, and then the journey continues towards Beli. Here you can lunch in a traditional restaurant, take a walk around the place or  swim on the beach again. The last point of this trip is in the third bay Dol where you will also be able to enjoy the beauties of this amazing beach.

The second trip also takes you to the island of Cres, but this time in the direction of the bay Brseč. There is a beautiful beach of the same name. Brseč beach is the second most beautiful pebble beach in Croatia, according to CNN. After enjoying Breseč, the trip continues to the island of Cres to the beach Smrdeća. Then follows everyone’s favorite part – a coffee, pizza or ice cream break. And after the break, it’s time for another swim, this time in Banja Bay.


The island beauties of the unique Krk

For all lovers of the islands, this is one more of the excursions from Opatija that will especially delight you. It is a so-called “Šoto Vento” trip to the beautiful island of Krk. The island of Krk fascinates with its picturesque landscape. Lush relaxing greenery in the northern and western parts of the island leaves every visitor breathless.

Krk has a long and rich history. Already because of its diverse and rich nature, the ancient Romans called it a golden island (insula aurea).

After an hour and a half drive from Opatija, you reach the Krk bridge. Then follows a tour of the island of St. Marko and you will arrive in Omišalj.  In Omišalj there is a break with a traditional lunch in the restaurant Villa Eva. After lunch, the tour continues to Njivice. There you have a break again and free time before returning to Opatija.


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Excursions from Opatija: A little bit more of sea joy

In order to discover all the beauties of the Adriatic Sea, this is one of the many Opatija boat trips you need to experience. It is special primarily because the boat rides a wonderful route showing beautiful cities and even more beautiful sea depths.

The first stop is the pebble beach Jenešćica where you have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear sea. Then follows Mošćenićka Draga, a small fishing village with a unique charm where you will have a break to relax.


Peculiarity of the Little Blue Cave

On the other hand, if you’re not the type who likes to just enjoy the views and sunbathe on the beach, this is something for you. It is one of those excursions from Opatija that you definitely have to put on your wish list. It goes from Opatija to Brseč.

After a little over an hour’s drive, you reach the high cliffs of Cape Šip. These are the largest cliffs of the Opatija Riviera.

In the summer, a one-hour break is used to visit a Little Blue Cave, which can only be entered by swimming. The cave is very acoustic so it is recommended to sing in it. You definitely have to try this!


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Excursions from Opatija: A shopping tour in Rijeka

For all those who want to get acquainted with the daily life of Istria and Kvarner, there is a “shopping tour” in Rijeka. The trip starts from Opatija in the direction of Rijeka, and while driving you can enjoy the beauties of the surrounding places.

There is a two-hour break in the Port of Rijeka. You can visit the main street with shops (Korzo) which is a 3-minute walk away. There is also the main Rijeka market just 2 minutes of walk. In the morning, it is interesting visit Rijeka’s main market. There you can buy fish and other indigenous home-grown vegetables and fruits.


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Panoramic tours along the Opatija Riviera and Promenade

There is almost nothing more beautiful and pleasing to the eye than light, panoramic boat rides. It is complete relaxation for the mind and body. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, you will recharge your batteries, and all worries will stop existing. For this reason, like sugar in the end, we single out one of the most beautiful excursions from Opatija. These are panoramic rides from Opatija to Lovran and Volosko.

You will see charming Mošćenička Draga which is the last fishing village on the Opatija Riviera, known for its three pebbles. Each beach is only 5 minutes away from each other. Also, there is a tour that leads along the coast on the way to Lovran follows the coastal road Franz Joseph.

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