Fish picnic Opatija - Embark with us on the pleasant journey!

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fish picnic Opatija

Searching for “fish picnic Opatija”? Leave the noise and crowds behind and go with us on the pleasant journey. Join us on one of the most beautiful boat trips Opatija and relax while sailing along the Adriatic coast. Visit the beautiful island of Cres and enjoy the delicious delicacies of this region.

Our journey begins from Opatija to the destination on the island of Cres. Enjoy the combination of cultural heritage and untouched nature. And your overall experience will be rounded off with an indigenous fish lunch.

The ride takes two hours. You will be able to indulge and admire the beauties of the Kvarner Bay all the way. In the past, Kvarner Bay was dry land. After the moving of a large mass of ice during the Ice age, this natural beauty was created. The islands of Cres and Lošinj are actually remnants of the mainland. Everything that people in the past could not enjoy, now you have the opportunity to do! Opt for Fish picnic Opatija that will give you a great and unforgettable experience.

Now when we have revealed this interesting detail to you, we believe that you want to discover all the beauties of this area even more. Come with us on this trip along the Istrian coast, towards the island of Cres. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming, and taste the best lunch in Istria.

Also enjoy a superb tour: good visibility, comfortable seating, barbecue on board, drinks and music. Could it be better?



Fish picnic Opatija & Fish lunch on Smrdeća beach


A small note before the trip: do not forget to have breakfast. Although you will have a great lunch at Fish picnic Opatija, we recommend that you eat something in the morning. It’s important to eat before the trip so that you do not feel bad while driving on the boat. Be sure to bring a hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, bikini, towel and diving equipment.



The first destination to stop is the deserted beach Smrdeća.  Here you have the opportunity to enjoy all the charms of untouched nature.

After the aperitif, you will be able to enjoy a fish meal with wine and music.

The break on this beach lasts two hours, and while you are swimming, the captain prepares lunch for you. There are three types of menus on offer: meat, fish and vegetarian. Although the theme of the picnic is fish specialties, we understand that some people don’t like fish. We made sure that everyone found something for themselves and that no one is left hungry at the fish picnic Opatija.



Let’s continue to other impressive locations


When lunch is over, you continue towards the local village of Porozina, where you can have a coffee or eat ice cream. Porozina is a beautiful little place where you can run away from hectic everyday life.

After an hour in Porozina, your Fish picnic Opatija continues on. The captain will take you back to the mainland – to the beautiful bay of Brseč. The cliffs that embrace this magical pebble-sand beach give it a note of hidden intimacy. Brseč lies on a high cliff, and here you can also visit the Little Blue Cave which will leave you breathless.

During a one-hour break in Brseč Bay, you can explore this unique place. At the very end, there is a lighthouse, another beach and a small harbor that has historical significance. The houses in Brseč are a typical example of coastal architecture, and some of them still have inscriptions in Glagolitic. There are also wonderful churches and gallery „Eugen K“ dedicated to famous Croatian writer.

This fish picnic Opatija will give you a great experience and great opportunities. So be sure to use the most of them!

When the last one-hour break is finished, the boat continues its way to other fishing places. These are Mošćenička Draga, Medveja, Lovran, Ika, Ičići and finally we return to Opatija in the afternoon.


Why decide for Fish picnic Opatija?


There are various agencies that offer you rent a boat Opatija, and the competitors are, of course, always big. We decided to point out without any exaggeration why to choose one of the boat excursions Opatija that we offer! And this time we emphasize Fish Picnic Opatija. This one will provide you with a special experience that will delight your eyes and your palate. The trip will give you a wonderful combination of natural beauty and the finest flavors of the Adriatic Sea.

All our boats are safe and superbly equipped. Also, you will feel comfortable in the company of our great captain. He is at the same time a skipper, fisherman, chef, whatever it takes! Captain tries to give his guests a feeling of welcome and enjoyment on the Croatian coast. He will introduce you to customs, islands and local food. Among other things, he speaks several languages ​​so you will be able to make nice communication with him. He will gladly give you answers to all your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Fresh food, a kind and nice captain and wonderful locations… These are just some of the reasons why you should decide for the most special tour – Fish picnic Opatija. You will get only the best for your money. Also, kids have a 50 percent discount on everything.

Take yourself, your family and friends to a fun and great day that you will definitely want to repeat!

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