Hiking on island Cres - An adventure you will always remember

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hiking on island Cres

Are you interested in hiking on island Cres? The island of Cres is one of the northern islands of the Kvarner Bay and the largest island of Croatia. Even if it’s not one of the most popular Croatian islands, its rich history and natural beauty attract many people. The north and south of the island are completely different. The northern part is covered with dense forests, and the southern part is full of pastures and bare grounds. There are numerous cliffs on the north and south sides while the east coast bears the title of the nature reserve.

If you have a desire to escape from the crowds and noise; you are at the right place. This lovely island will charm you with its hidden bays, clear sea, ancient remains, warm people and interesting customs. Precisely because of its diversity and interesting details, hiking on island Cres is an adventure you must experience.

We have prepared a boat excursion from Opatija to this beautiful island, and the whole ride will undoubtedly impress you. The complete program is designed so that you enjoy it from the very beginning to the final destination.



A journey through the natural beauties of the Adriatic


The adventure starts at 8.30 from Opatija to the island of Cres. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a welcome drink on the boat while you listen the plan of the trip. Also, the guide gives you details about the trail that makes up your „hiking on island Cres“ route. In addition to welcome drinks, you will have a varied offer of drinks on the boat all the way. The offer includes carbonated and natural juices, wine, brandy … Something for everyone!

The first stop is Cove Banja, which will be reached after a two-hour boat ride. Then follows the disembarkation from the boat and begins the preparation for the start of the hiking. The muscles, legs and complete body must be ready and warmed up for the route that follows. After 15 minutes of preparation, the walk along the hiking trail begins. Along the way, you will pass through the mansions located in the bay Banja towards the town of Ivanje.

You will have the opportunity to see a stunning century-old oak forest next to the area of ​​the former Tramuntana hunting ground. After one and half an hour of hiking, we reach the location Ivanje. A half-hour break will allow you to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views there. You will be able to see the island of Krk, the city of Rijeka and the places of the Opatija Riviera. After the break, hiking on island Cres continues towards Porozina. All the way, your lungs will be cleansed by the scents of Mediterranean plants.



After exhausting hiking on island Cres – there is refreshment you need!


And the last part of the hiking route is actually an old Roman road. It is used to connect the town of Beli and the town of Porozina. We arrive in Porozina around 14:00 h. There follows the favorite part of the „hiking on island Cres“ route, and that is – swimming on the most beautiful Porozina beach “Veli Pesak”.

Here you will have half an hour to swim, sunbathe, relax and enjoy all the beauties of this amazing beach. After a half-hour break, it’s time to return to Opatija. The ride will take about two hours and you will enjoy the wonderful views all the way.

Also, all those who are not attracted to hiking, but still want to visit this island – no problem! You can be taken to Porozina by boat. There you have the opportunity to walk, visit the local church or enjoy the beach until the other participants arrive.



List of notes for the trip


As we pointed out earlier, hiking is exhausting because it takes more than three hours. For this reason, don’t forget to bring food and a minimum of two liters of water!

Also, don’t forget your swimsuit as refreshment in the sea will „save you“ after several hours of hiking on island Cres.

Our offer of boat trips from Opatija is rich, diverse and interesting. A pleasant ride, a kind captain who will gladly answer all your questions and amazing panoramic views…You are surrounded by the beauties of the Adriatic while the gentle breeze caresses your hair. Sounds like a dream? We are making it real!

Choose the excursion that best suits your wishes and enjoy the service you deserve. Contact us with confidence!


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