Opatija Boat Trips – an experience you will remember for a lifetime

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Looking for Opatija boat trips? If you have ever thought of a boat trip to some beautiful location that will delight you all the way long, then we have a solution for you. Decide to visit Opatija, a charming seaside town that will impress you at first sight. It is a city rich in culture and history and it’s a real, soothing oasis for relaxation.

Imagine traveling by boat and being surrounded by the most beautiful possible scenes? Imagine a light breeze blowing through your hair while your lungs are clearing by the clean Mediterranean air. Can it be any better than that?


Boat trips & excursions: a tour of paradise


If you want to experience a real paradise on earth, take yourself to a few Opatija Boat Trips and you will forget about all the worries and problems you have. You will wander physically and mentally into the real sphere of rest and enjoyment.

Choose a tour to Brseč, a beautiful bay and beach that in 2018 took the title of the most beautiful pebble beach in Croatia. After swimming and sunbathing in this beautiful bay, the road takes you further to the island of Cres, more precisely to the beach Smrdeća. Here again, you have the opportunity to refresh yourself in the crystal clear sea before going to Porozina. In this place, you will be able to enjoy coffee, fresh juice, pizza or ice cream. The trip continues towards the bay Banja where you will be able to swim for the third time on this trip. Isn’t that a dream day?


Opatija boat excursions

Opatija boat trips through the beautiful blue fairy tale


Some of the most beautiful blue lagoons in Croatia are located in the Opatija area. This trip will leave you breathless and you will want to stay in these places forever. This journey will start from Opatija to the island of Cres. The first stop where you will be able to swim and feel the joys of summer is the sandy beach Skalete. After swimming, the next destination follows – the town of Beli where you will have the opportunity to eat something, swim or visit and walk through the old town. And there is also the third and final destination – the beach Dol where you will again have the chance to experience all the charms and beauties of swimming in the clear sea.


Feel the beauties of the Adriatic Sea


Among the many Opatija Boat Trips that are offered, the tour through several coastal towns certainly stands out. These are: Ičići, Ika, Lovran, Medved and Mošćenička Draga. The trip leads to the 60-meter high rock Šif. And right between that rock and Mošćenička Draga is Jelenščica, which visitors adore because of the extremely clean sea, fresh air and breathtaking environment.

For all beach fans, this trip will allow you to swim on three beautiful beaches of your choice – Saint Ivan, Sipar or a nudist beach. Choose the one that suits you best, none of these won’t disappoint you.


A trip through history and natural wealth


Opatija Boat Trips also offers you a special blend of history and nature in one, more precisely – trip to Lovran. The journey takes place through the Franz-Josef-Promenade. The road continues to Ičići, Ika and to Lovran. In Lovran, you can see the beautiful old part of town completed with preserved buildings, Trinity chapel, specific eastern entrances to the town of Stubica and many other sights of this beautiful place. Then the trip continues to the town of Volosko where the promenade begins. This trip will show you a panoramic view of all the beauties of the unique Opatija.

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Opatija boat trips: The joy and beauty of the island


If you want to experience a real island adventure and beauty, decide for one of the best Opatija Boat Trips that will take you to the unique Krk. After a little over an hour you will arrive under the bridge of the island of Krk. The journey will continue towards the island of St. Marko all the way to Omišalj. There you will be able to refresh yourself with some delicious, traditional food. After lunch, you would visit a small town Njivice where you will have the opportunity to enjoy free activities.


Fish Picnic Trips Opatija – a delicious Mediterranean meals on the boat


For all lovers of fish delicacies, there is one sort of Opatija boat tours that will win your hearts but also your palates! This trip will start from Opatija towards Cres, and the first stop will be in Smrdeća Bay, where the captain will make you a delicious lunch with fish specialties. After enjoying lunch, the trip continues towards Porozina to the bay Brseč. Here you will also be able to swim and feel the joys of the sea. Among other things, you will be able to visit a beautiful small, blue cave.


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Experience the adventure of fishing on the Adriatic Sea


For those who like to fish or those who like to try new things, we have one more special type of Opatija Boat Trips. The main fishing destination is located near the shipwreck of the boat “Striker” which has a special historical story. The boat driver will tell you all about it. You will learn to fish with a special so-called “Bulletin” technique. Throughout the process itself, you will be guided by experienced and educated anglers so the experience will be even better and more fun.

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