Robinson fish picnic – Unforgettable sea experience and grilled dishes

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You want to know what is Robinson fish picnic? When we talk about vacation and traveling in general, it is assumed that we are going to another city or country to change the environment in which we live and break the routine. But sometimes there can also be doubts about going on a journey or staying home. Many people would probably cite avoiding large crowds as a reason for not going on a vacation.

The decision to travel does not have to be reduced exclusively to classic kind of holidays. Travel does not necessarily include noise, crowds, city lights, parties.. That is proved by the possibility of vacation that does not experience so much media exposure. It is actually very accessible and allows travelers complete peace and privacy.


Robinson fich picnic: Connect yourself with nature


A Robinson style of the holiday is not something that travelers would first think of when choosing a location or mode of travel. But such an experience would certainly be memorable and perhaps serve as inspiration for other adventurous endeavors. Who wouldn’t sever ties with civilization a bit for a change and enjoy the summer in their own privacy and return to nature?

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Certainly, today’s Robinson tourism does not include making your own canoe, sleeping places and things like that. Its emphasis is on escape and rest from everyday life, but with the possibility of using modern technology.

A calm atmosphere would be ideal for devoting yourself to reading a book for which we never have time and also for quality socializing with family or friends.



A dream lunch in an isolated cove


Now imagine the next scene – crystal clear sea, complete peace and quiet, and you enjoy the finest seafood specialties. But no, you’re not in a restaurant. No crowds, no other people. There you are yourself, your family and one nice man who takes care of your perfect lunch. It’s time that we introduce you to the Robinson fish picnic – an experience you’ll definitely want to repeat.

Robinson fish picnic is a one-day trip by boat for which you only need goodwill and swimming equipment. The journey starts from Opatija at 8.30 a.m., and the sea takes us to the island of Cres. After two hours of pleasant ride on a quality and comfortable boat, we arrive at a deserted beach – Smrdeća. Precisely because of the desertedness of that beach, you will be able to feel a part of the real Robinson experience. All you can hear here is the singing of crickets, the waves of the sea and the quiet breeze.

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We spend two hours on this beach. During this time you will swim, sunbathe and enjoy all the joys of the sea. But the captain of the boat will have a different task that day. He will prepare a delicious grill lunch for you. And although the trip is called Robinson fish picnic, you don’t necessarily have to eat fish or seafood. In addition to fish, we also offer meat and vegetarian menu full of different vegetables.


A trip that includes absolutely everything you need for ideal vacation


After delicious lunch, the boat heads to Porozina where you will have one-hour break for coffee or ice cream. Porozina is truly a special place and will enchant you with its natural beauties. Its forests are rich in wild edible plants. There are a lot of domestic animals . Also, everyone who comes here will be captivated by the charms of the plant world. In the afternoon you will be able to refresh yourself with fresh seasonal fruit. Also, during the ride you have a lot of different drinks available – juices, water, wine, brandy… Everything you need for a dream vacation is located on Boat Opatija. We thought of all the details to make your experience complete.

After the break, the journey continues in the direction of Brseč where guests pass under 60 m high cliffs and swim in a small blue cave. Brseč is located about 20 kilometers from Opatija. Its narrow streets and small houses with colorful wooden doors make it a picturesque seaside town. Since it is located on a cliff, from Brseč you can enjoy the view of the Kvarner Bay and the islands of Cres.

After a one-hour break, the boat sails through Opatija, where it passes along the coast near the towns of Mošćenička Draga, Medveja, Lovran, Ika, Ičići… It arrives in Opatija around 05.30 p.m.

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Robinson fish picnic will provide you with an ideal combination of the Adriatic, local specialties, beautiful locations and scenes that you will surely remember for a lifetime.



Who is Robinson fish picnic made for?


Robinson fish picnic is intended for all ages. It is a great experience for a group of friends, but also for families with children. All generations will equally enjoy a fine lunch on the boat. Since the menu adapts to your wishes, no one will stay hungry. Feel free to agree on what you want because your satisfaction comes first. Fish, chicken, zucchini or something else? Why not? Everything is possible, so do not hesitate to ask.

Since the ride takes a total of 5 hours and the breaks take 4 hours, don’t forget to bring everything you need with you. Don’t go on a trip without a bikini, hat, sunglasses and towels. You can also bring your own diving equipment. And if you do not have your own equipment, you can rent it for only 5 euros per person.

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So, when we sum it all up, if you decide to spend your vacation in Opatija, let Robinson fish picnic be your ‘must do’ task. The first reason is that you will have the opportunity to see the hidden gems of the beautiful Adriatic. The second reason is that you will ride on a quality and comfortable boat and experience a real sea adventure. And the third reason, which is a favorite to many – you will eat well and taste the fine delicacies of the Mediterranean. Isn’t this the idyll we all dream about? Let your imagination come true – contact us and let us organize your dream trip.

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