Blue Lagoons (swimming at 2 beaches, Island Cres)

Kept showing up every day and working as hard as ever, because they knew there were people who counted on the brakes that they made.
  • €30 per person

Departure from Opatija at 8:30am in towards to island Cres. After an hour and half drive, when the snacks (canape sandwiches) are eaten, the boat arrives at a deserted beach called Skalete-the first swimming stop. After the first break the boat drives to a town called Beli where the second break takes place. In Beli the guests can eat something at their cost in the restaurant at the port, visit the old town Beli or swim at the beach. After the second break in Beli it’s time to go to the third stop of the day-to a beach called Dol where the last one-hour break takes place. After the last break, it’s time to head back to Opatija  where the boat will arrive around 5:00pm.


  • adults:220,00 kn (30,00 €) per person, children up to 10 years: 50% discount

The price included:

  • breakfast on board 2 types of canapes
  • seasonal fruit in the afternoon
  • drinks while on the boat ride (mineral water with and without gas, coke, soda, red wine, white wine and brandy)


  • take bathing suits, beach towels and snorkels
  • take sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat or cap)



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