Light Bottom Fishing

  • €56,00 per person

Departure from Opatija at 17:30 towards to Medveja. The boat drives next to the mainland and the guests can see the places Ičići, Ika and Lovran. The fishing spot is located near the shipwreck of the boat “Striker”. The boat was sunk in the 1st World War and is 70m long and 5m wide. The lowest part is 63m deep and the highest point is 59m.Guests fish with the “Bulletin” technique, with a fishing rod with Dacron with 3 hooks and lead. The type of bait used depends on the season (mostly sardines, squids or mussels). The catch depends on many factors, but most fish that were caught were 15dag 0.5 kilo big, there was once an instance where a 6 kilo sea-eel was caught.


  • adults: 410,00 kn (56,00 €) per person, children up to 10 years: 50% discount

The price included:

  • 3 varieties of bait,
  • fishing rods with cords and hooks,
  • fishing license for 1 day and up to max. 5 kilos of caught fish,
  • fishing boat,
  • fuel
  • insurance during fishing,
  • drinks during the trip (mineral water with and without gas, cola, soda, red wine, white wine and brandy)

IMPORTANT: You can keep the whole catch, it is included in the price!


  • take sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat or cap
  • take a jacket, or something warmer to wear, as it could be colder


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