Robinson Fish Picnic

  • €42,00 per person

Departure from Opatija at 08:30 towards to Island Cres. After about 1.5-hour drive the boat arrives to the bay Smrdeća. The break in that bay lasts 2 hours. During the break, the captain makes the lunch. After lunch the boat continues to the village of Porozina, where the guests will have an hour to drink coffee or eat ice-cream. Then the boat drives back to the mainland – to the bay of Brseč. Brseč lies on a 157m high cliff, and here you can swim, and visit the small blue cave. After the last break, which lasts 1 hour, the boat drives along towns Mošćenička Draga, Medveja, Lovran, Ika, Ičići, to the starting point in Opatija, where the planned arrival is at 17:00.

IMPORTANT: Please order fish, meat or vegetarian menu for lunch in advance!


adults:310,00 kn (42,00 €) per person, children up to 10 years: 50% discount


The price included:

  • lunch on the ship (food from the grill: meat or fish or vegetarian, salad and bread)
  • seasonal fruit in the afternoon,
  • beverages during the trip (mineral water with and without gas, Coke, lemonade, red and white wine)


  • take bathing suits, beach towels and snorkels
  • take sun-protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, hat)


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