Shopping in Rijeka

  • €25 per person

Departure from Opatija at 10:00 or 14:00 towards to Rijeka, european city of culture in 2020. The boat drives past Volosko and Preluk, as well as past the districts of Rijeka: Bivio, Kantrida, next to the shipyard, and also by the factory where in 1860. the torpedo was invented and built. The ship will embark in the port of Rijeka, at the dock “Karoline Riječke”, which is only 2 minutes away from the famous street called “Korzo”. After a two hour break the boat returns to Opatija.


  • Adults 185,00 kn (25,00 €) per person, children up to 10 years: 50% discount

The price included:

  • drinks while on the boat ride (mineral water with and without gas, coke, soda, red wine, white wine and brandy)


  • take a jacket in spring or autumn as the weather is changeable
  • drink a cup of coffee on Korzo, like the locals or buy fresh fish, fruits and vegetables at the market


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