"Šoto Vento" Krk Tour (2 islands, St. Marko & Krk)

  • €43,00 per person

Departure from Opatija at 08:30 towards to island Krk. After 1.5 hours the boat arrives under the bridge of the island of Krk, passing by Island St. Marco and continues to Omišalj where the break lasts 1.5 hours and where guests have lunch at Villa Eva. After lunch the boat ride continues to the next town – Njivice, where the guests have another 1,5-hour break to take a walk, drink coffee or eat ice-cream. The boat returns to Opatija around 5 pm.


  • adults:320,00 kn (43,00 €) per person, children up to 10 years: 50% discount

The price included:

  • breakfast on board 2 types of canapes
  • lunch by the grill in the restaurant Villa Eva  (meat, fish or vegetarian menu)
  • seasonal fruit in the afternoon
  • drinks while on the boat ride (mineral water with and without gas, coke, soda, red wine, white wine and brandy)

Not included in price:

  • drinks at the restaurant Villa Eva during lunch


  • take bathing suits, beach towels and snorkels
  • take sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat or cap)


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